How truly reliable is renewable energy? An end user’s view

Blog10 - How truly reliable is renewable energy? An end user's view

How truly reliable are renewable sources of energy? We explore the end user’s view on which types of renewable energy are the most reliable and effective in battling climate change. Since the turn of the recent decade, everyone seemed practically obsessed with the idea of renewable energy.

Why shouldn’t they be? Our dependency on fossil fuels cannot sustain us forever. It’s a limited resource and everyone uses it. So it would only be wise to look for other ways to secure energy for ourselves without damaging this lonely blue dot we live on.

What are the different renewable sources available?

  • Wind
  • Sunlight
  • Water

While there are other types like biofuel, we shan’t be discussing that as it is harmful to the environment when burned. Geothermal heat is also another renewable resource but does not yet have an application for home usage and integration. Think of uses like AC repair in Miami.

j2 - How truly reliable is renewable energy? An end user's view

Which is best for an end user’s home?

Depending on the location of the user’s home, a variety of options are suitable. The most commonly used would be solar panels—tapping into solar energy. Photovoltaic panels are placed (usually on rooftops or backyards) in the area where they can get most of the sun’s rays. The system converts the sun’s rays into electrical direct current.

For remote areas, water is a good resource for renewable energy. There are better systems that can gather power even from a crawling stream.

Wind as a resource for the end user is a tad more complicated. There is not yet a way to successfully integrate wind as a resource for a personal home. A concern is that wind can be dreadfully inconsistent in providing power.

j1 - How truly reliable is renewable energy? An end user's view

Which is the most reliable one?

In terms of convenience, pricing, and reliability, solar panels have everything beaten. At the start of the renewable resource quest, solar panels were deemed quite expensive. However, the long term benefits prove to any end user that the purchase is worth it.

End users simply need to keep a sharp eye out for low quality panels. Yes, such things exist. Before purchasing solar panels, it would be prudent for the end user to practice due diligence. Ask around and look for recommendations.

Do you guys have an opinion about the reliability of renewable energy? Which one do you think is the most reliable? Sign off in the comments or send us a message to let us know!

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Let’s Dust Off the Bones: What in Actuality is Renewable Energy?

Blog2 - Let's Dust Off the Bones: What in Actuality is Renewable Energy?

The concept of renewable energy has always been thrown around. Just what is it, exactly? Join us as we delve a bit deeper into the concept that has so many vested in its application. The world is warm and it’s only getting warmer. Experts say that this is because we keep burning fossil fuels. Oil, which contains fossil fuel and the subsequent emissions, are responsible for a rapid decline in our planet’s health. It also does not help that this is a limited resource. This means that prices get driven up as the supply dwindles.

This means that more and more of us cannot afford to pay for the energy we consume. This also means that there is a need for an alternative source of energy.

What is renewable energy?

This concept refers to any energy that is harvested from renewable sources. Emphasis must be placed on the fact that these resources naturally replenish over time. Perfect examples of renewable energy are: wind, geothermal heat, sunlight, and rain. There are many other examples but are still subject to research.

energy1 - Let's Dust Off the Bones: What in Actuality is Renewable Energy?

What benefits are there from using renewable energy?

Studies have shown that our activities and existence have placed a significant strain on the planet that we live in. The sheer amount of carbon dioxide produced on a daily basis, coupled with other global warming emissions, drive up the temperature of our planet.

The production of energy is responsible for much of the emissions that harm our environment. Down the line, it’s going to hurt us—big time.

No emissions

Renewable energy prevents that from happening. There are little no emissions when renewable energy is used. If our carbon emissions are severely limited by turning to renewable energy, our planet can be given a chance to bounce back from global warming.

Jobs are created

If Europe gets massive support for renewable energy, the jobs it can create is incredibly substantial. On a global scale, over 7 million jobs are linked to renewable energy industries. With such a figure at the bare minimum application of renewable energy, consider the implications if it becomes the preferred source of energy.

There is no short supply

Unlike oil and fossil fuels, renewable energy makes use of naturally occurring and naturally replenishing resources. An issue with most nations is the rising cost of energy. It simply is no longer affordable for some.

 In the rules of commerce, if the supply is low but demand is high, the prices are high. If something so readily available is made the primary source of energy, what are the odds that power costs would still be high?

What is the problem?

 There are policies that hinder the mass usage of renewable energy. As there is very little support for its application and installation, initial costs can be high. However, the long-term benefits of it cannot be emphasized enough.

This is why a lot of European agencies are galvanizing together to put renewable energy into the international spotlight. Let’s hope they succeed.

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